Talk to my hand

Moody It was 3 Pm, Marie was at work and texted I love you, John. The message was delivered and so she was staring at the screen for John to read the message and reply her back in his romantic tone of message and smileys. It was 2 minute that Marie was running out of patience... Continue Reading →


Mystical Living right Even not with you Totally bright Away from your dark flu And I say, go with the sail Like it floats on a water up-down To reach its route I am just my-my-mystical I feel so electrical By the way, I am going It feels so great.....!!! I must have cried I... Continue Reading →

Get the fame!

Eclipse You don't need to be a celebrity to get famous. All you need is some bunch of people get jealous with you 😀 And, don't forget to enjoy the importance in other's life when they gossip about you 😀 -Sassyqueenn

It’s complicated.

Complicated I raise my hands, I get down on my knees It's my time, come arrest me. Even if I haven't committed a crime nor any sin I want you to shut me out, shut me out Into the cube where I be for years and ages So my memory is erased, my pain is... Continue Reading →

Two faced people

Hey, you there! Hey! How are you doing nowadays? Oh Am fine, my old friend. I think, just called me Stop staring at me utter some words or, else if you feel to leave Get disappear within seconds from my sight. I know its none of my business anymore It's about the friends we... Continue Reading →

Leave me stranger!

Go, stranger, go away I know you work in my firm Please don't chase me in any way I accepted your friend request because of your face Otherwise, I swear, I didn't even know your name Stop messaging me at any time of the day I grasp the technique, you are trying to be friendly... Continue Reading →

It won’t be the last

Opening Line There’s probability for me to go insane The countless thoughts roaming that cannot be controlled in any way I cannot tolerate the over smartness of people around Wish they could realize how stupid they actually sound I never judge people in any way Even if they aren’t perfect Come on guys, give me... Continue Reading →

It’s my turn to break the fence

Fence Excuse me, now you can have your vulnerable life to yourself Make sure, nobody gives a damn to your love and care It's you dragging people into your consciousness The way you mold and make a drama out of people's soul Your sympathy and attention are just a term for fraud Count your blessings... Continue Reading →

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