In case you are sad about someone!

It is better to love the wrong person than not to love at all. - Jalapenogirl

A walk to remember

Miniature   With very slow and fast  pace To keep up the speed with each other Timeless silence Makes awkward to walk further. It's really difficult To find what's on your mind How can I speak? If you aren't interested these times. Our conversation hasn't started Terminated with a bye. After knowing I was upset... Continue Reading →

A message to my friend

Friendship is not so simple, when I tried to keep you It’s the most vogue category, I have ever knew You just try to be kind, not that you are so Try to become a person, you have far way to go   Call yourself tough, you too had to go rough Being angry may be... Continue Reading →

I won’t regret

If you wanna love me, love If you wanna hate me, just hate But, if you leave me in the middle of the sea I'll swim to a place Where I won't need you again!!! 

A part of my dream

I always fumble couldn't help, mumble in my dreams I stay up all night or wake up violently I want to grab my phone and call you to talk for hours and hours till my soul is satisfied to the deep now it can be done only when I am asleep I die every night... Continue Reading →


I am scrolling my life up and down Trying to figure things out I was so stupid to think you would care Our friendship got evaporated into thin air  !!!

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