Sincerely, from a book lover….

Dignify "You will find me where my bookmark lies" -Jalapenogirl

Renew yourself

Renewal If nobody hates you, then you are doing something boring -Jalapenogirl

When we get lost

Realize Sometimes, our mind gets so narrow in all hurries and worries. We only think about the people we know and waste our time in getting hold of them rather than thinking about the millions of people in this world we can get to know. -Sassyqueenn

Get the fame!

Eclipse You don't need to be a celebrity to get famous. All you need is some bunch of people get jealous with you 😀 And, don't forget to enjoy the importance in other's life when they gossip about you 😀 -Sassyqueenn

Just some words

Complicated People want summer when there's winter They wish for rain in summer. So, people change gradually. According to their comfort zones. Stop blaming yourself. You can either go with the flow Or, remain intact as you prefer.    

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