Found and lost

You found meIn your game,Can you be more Kind?My heart is in your hand.For everything that happensI wander back to you, my man. Night is rightIt says what's on our mindAll our mistakes seem fair nowIn the dark, you can be easily found.I just have to close my eyes!So, my manI will keep you safefrom... Continue Reading →

Crazy for you …

Entertain Fall from ninth cloud So falling down Nothing to save me out I screamed my voice so much loud My hands still dangling in the air I expected you would catch me Still screaming your name Even if I know you won't. Tried so much to shut my mouth Crashed so hard on the... Continue Reading →

This is who you are Mr. ex

Let's make memories you said Not from the bright end, you meant It was about something dark hidden in you I tried to vanish it in blues. You abandoned me to search for something new I may be the worst person you ever met And the one you'll never get I don't care who you... Continue Reading →

The Killer eyes

Well, I have always mistaken to judge people It makes a lot of sense to hide your eyes Maybe to be cool or to hide the true self Behind the lens Eventually, they feel different from inside. It gives them the confidence to be fake Makes easier to be someone else I was always searching... Continue Reading →

Please don’t stop the rain!

All I want is to stare, stare outside at black cloudy sky I cannot stop but stare, with my raised hope and opened eyes Please rain, please rain this time Don’t miss this opportunity, don’t make us cry Let the temperature drop, take away the heat waves We have nowhere to go, this nation is... Continue Reading →

A message to my friend

Friendship is not so simple, when I tried to keep you It’s the most vogue category, I have ever knew You just try to be kind, not that you are so Try to become a person, you have far way to go   Call yourself tough, you too had to go rough Being angry may be... Continue Reading →

What it was about? Anger?

Angry When we were so close, always hand in hand You were always there, when none could understand We were always incomplete without one another Then why didn't you get? About what I was bothered I was bothered about your changing behavior I was worried, if again I would be left alone You didn't tried to make... Continue Reading →

Save it !

What do you see in my eyes ? Let me be the one to tell you You see my love as fake And me as a drama queen What you don't realise from my voice? That I am acting to be fine. I never blamed you For each and everytime When you take my breath... Continue Reading →

We are stronger than we know

Clear your heart Clear your mind Slow it down from throbbing fast Prevent yourself From cutting the veins with knife You'll get to know How strong you actually are ! You just have to Clear the past And, leave behind There will be a day When you will realize It wasn't worth it It wasn't... Continue Reading →

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