Remembering the past

Retrospective I hate to look back and also to remember stuff that was so disturbing or unwanted. But, my blog is the one place where I love to look in the past and the words I wrote spontaneously. I never knew, remembering the past would be so adorable. My blog is just new, It hasn't been... Continue Reading →


Realize I have not talked to you Nor we have met Then, why there is something holding me? It hasn't freed me yet. I have walked miles from you As you wanted Me to move on. But, As I hear of you I realize, You've frozen me to the past Because I loved you More than... Continue Reading →

We are stronger than we know

Clear your heart Clear your mind Slow it down from throbbing fast Prevent yourself From cutting the veins with knife You'll get to know How strong you actually are ! You just have to Clear the past And, leave behind There will be a day When you will realize It wasn't worth it It wasn't... Continue Reading →

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