Calm Caterpillar

Calm Caterpillar wanted to fly. So she waited in the leaves, under the monsoon sky. She slept for days, covered in her round shell of skin. So calm and quiet in the forest, she loved the water sound, draining from the black clouds. What else could be so lovely? Her life was full of jolly... Continue Reading →

Please don’t stop the rain!

All I want is to stare, stare outside at black cloudy sky I cannot stop but stare, with my raised hope and opened eyes Please rain, please rain this time Don’t miss this opportunity, don’t make us cry Let the temperature drop, take away the heat waves We have nowhere to go, this nation is... Continue Reading →

Admiration to nature

Admiration I am a magnificent nature lover and could not stop admiring it with all the inspiration it gives us  everyday. Only thing is we should have that sight to recognize it. They are always at their best. We should be worthy enough to see through it. This photo is dedicated to the #shades of... Continue Reading →

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