What went wrong?

Love not always ends well. To love is to do a courageous thing. Even though things might not have ended well. Don't stress, don't blame yourself. You are brave to believe again, to hope again and give love another chance. And, being bold is always intimidating and adventurous. Stop thinking about what went wrong or... Continue Reading →

A Women and affairs, she is dragged into!

Have you ever tried fooling with the best friend of your crush? I remember, how I was dragged into it... I can still remember my life before that. I was aware of shitty people, I Know to not believe people anymore! And, here I am, writing about the hell of the story with two boys.... Continue Reading →

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

"Satan had his Companions, fellow-devils, to admire him and encourage him, but I am solitary and detested" -Mary Shelley, Frankenstein Obsessed with the secret of creation, Swiss scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein cobbles together a body he is determined to bring to life. And one fateful night, he does. This creation is nothing but a hideous... Continue Reading →

Crazy for you …

Entertain Fall from ninth cloud So falling down Nothing to save me out I screamed my voice so much loud My hands still dangling in the air I expected you would catch me Still screaming your name Even if I know you won't. Tried so much to shut my mouth Crashed so hard on the... Continue Reading →

Can’t let go

Athletic Key to the wandering me In your hand I give Control my soul as you want I have lost it all. Hold me in your arms While I take my time To come out of the box Designed by your lovely thoughts. Blue or pink, Black and white You gave me colors Now, you... Continue Reading →


Flavorful Fill me in with your words Take me everywhere you go Carry me in your mind always You've ignited the spark I had hidden from long Even I didn't know where it was? Take my hand in yours Look into my eyes Say, "You mean everything you do" This can happen only in my... Continue Reading →

Elevate your feelings

Elevate Until last week I was alright Everything was fine Till I came to know about you Watching me all the time I heard the giggles And, comments That you like me. I was drowned in those words To find the truth Now everything else in present Inside I feel scattered I don't have a... Continue Reading →


Oversight Give me my nights When I was sleepless. Give me my days When I was helpless. There you stood watching me Love and care were not seen till miles. You always fake a smile I hate this loveless mercy To make me realize you're nice. Give me my pain I wasted on you Give... Continue Reading →

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