Inscrutable I hate myself in public I love you in dreams Your voice screams in my head You are taking over the control I am near to get extinct. Trying to hide me in books Still, I am losing me in you I hate everyone's attention But, I like the way you look. Keep me... Continue Reading →

Simply me.

Yes, I am hysterical. Ridiculous. In a way to care more, love more and try not to leave you till the end. But, If you wanna exit I won't force you to stay Just remember There's no way back in again. I will give you the world But choose to spurn it. You'll have to... Continue Reading →

When we were all childish

Childhood Don’t hate yourself You just have a bad memory It was real as well as temporary   Now it’s not there Stop holding on to it Now it’s a past Move over it   Learn from the consequences Don’t repeat Let go the people You have not defeat   It was a phase of... Continue Reading →

Save it !

What do you see in my eyes ? Let me be the one to tell you You see my love as fake And me as a drama queen What you don't realise from my voice? That I am acting to be fine. I never blamed you For each and everytime When you take my breath... Continue Reading →

We are stronger than we know

Clear your heart Clear your mind Slow it down from throbbing fast Prevent yourself From cutting the veins with knife You'll get to know How strong you actually are ! You just have to Clear the past And, leave behind There will be a day When you will realize It wasn't worth it It wasn't... Continue Reading →

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