Being human!

The tragedy of a human mind is that we cannot write inspirational when we are not inspired. Then, how can we write about love, even when we are not loved?-jalapenogirl

The subtle art of not giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

Mark Manson shares his experiences from his star blogger life as if what problems do strangers ask him and out of this he is inspired to write this book about giving a f*ck to what is important. I don't really read self-help books. But, whatever Mark has to say through his book was quite enjoyable.... Continue Reading →

Admiration to nature

Admiration I am a magnificent nature lover and could not stop admiring it with all the inspiration it gives us  everyday. Only thing is we should have that sight to recognize it. They are always at their best. We should be worthy enough to see through it. This photo is dedicated to the #shades of... Continue Reading →

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