Girl, you got a rabbit tooth
Lol, you are short too
It’s none of my business, I know
But, as you try to shine so much
Sorry to say, It doesn’t seem cute!!!
Hop-hop, you walk like you jump
Only thing missing is big ears
I am not interested in listening to your bluff
You spread gossip like the function of machine gear.
Please, don’t make faces to your friends
As if I didn’t notice
You don’t know dear
In the last, you will come to me.
I have handled many of you
Thanks for making me the celebrity
Come on, provoke me again
It feels like I am on top of the world.
You’ll definitely enjoy this sidewalk with me
Since you try to match the steps so near
I have made many types of animals to back in their den
You’re another creature  I can handle without fear.



Two faced people

Hey, you there!
How are you doing nowadays?
Oh Am fine, my old friend.
I think, Blah..blah..you just called me
Stop staring at me
utter some words
or, else if you feel to leave
Get disappear within seconds from my sight.
I know its none of my business anymore
It’s about the friends we were
The persons we were before
Stop flaunting your stupid post on social sites.
You can never be a blessing to someone
Just a curse that needs to be understood
You’ve broken a heart and you’ll do it again to anyone
No matter how close it is to you
Anyways, At last, I said
It’s really nice to meet you.
Get lost, you’re just pretending to be real
So, stop wasting my time.


Simply me.

Yes, I am hysterical. Ridiculous.
In a way to care more, love more and try not to leave you till the end.
But, If you wanna exit
I won’t force you to stay
Just remember
There’s no way back in again.
I will give you the world
But choose to spurn it.
You’ll have to find it some where else!

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It’s my turn to break the fence


Excuse me, now you can have your vulnerable life to yourself
Make sure, nobody gives a damn to your love and care
It’s you dragging people into your consciousness
The way you mold and make a drama out of people’s soul
Your sympathy and attention are just a term for fraud
Count your blessings which you literally snatch away
Since you know how to betray
Accept the truth that lies behind the mask you wear
Classify people and pampering you give to seek new friends
Yes, you were my bestie one time
I want you to know that you’ll always be
Because you keep returning to the past
And, behold me as before
As you have kept a grudge on me
This is how I won your own game
Played with your made rules
I have left you hanging on to your match
Now all you will be thinking that how I am so cool!


Can anyone be so perfect?


I am was left speechless,
so wordless
I died to see him
He is so perfect.

He ruled my thoughts
Overtook my mind
Controlled my heart
with every beat that strikes

I kept on denying
This cannot be happening
I may lose some words for him to describe

Perfect is always beautiful, so he is too
Capable of making me smile in his absence
But, he doesn’t know that he could
His memories are less, still unending
Even if he left me many times in dismay
I have wondered how I can make him surprised

I can never think of trouble him
though he has done it several times
From short tempered at precluding stuff
Towards him, I always pardoned and became fine

I knew, he will never bother to keep me
As I do towards him
Because classic is found so rare
I cannot risk missing it

In my struggle to keep him by my side
Indeed, he has tried getting away
I remember those tears that left my eyes
When last time he has asked me to stop to speak
This was so difficult, I knew
I would text him another day

I reversed my thoughts to the back
Where my self-respect was my superiority
He may be absolute for his tail of friends
To whom he keeps on pampering
I promised myself if this is what you want
I cannot risk my morale around
Then no problem, I have so many friends as stranger
You’ll be the next mysterious stranger in the town.


Just know them

So stupid, caring

this is how people are

when they have no where to go

Waiting for someone to love them back

They won’t tell, you have to know

So silly, childish they are

they need you so much

don’t leave them far

So foolish, hilarious they behave

just to make you laugh

and become a joke

like a fire giving smoke