Sidewalk Girl, you got a rabbit tooth Lol, you are short too It's none of my business, I know But, as you try to shine so much Sorry to say, It doesn't seem cute!!! Hop-hop, you walk like you jump Only thing missing is big ears I am not interested in listening to your bluff... Continue Reading →

Two faced people

Hey, you there! Hey! How are you doing nowadays? Oh Am fine, my old friend. I think, just called me Stop staring at me utter some words or, else if you feel to leave Get disappear within seconds from my sight. I know its none of my business anymore It's about the friends we... Continue Reading →

Simply me.

Yes, I am hysterical. Ridiculous. In a way to care more, love more and try not to leave you till the end. But, If you wanna exit I won't force you to stay Just remember There's no way back in again. I will give you the world But choose to spurn it. You'll have to... Continue Reading →

It’s my turn to break the fence

Fence Excuse me, now you can have your vulnerable life to yourself Make sure, nobody gives a damn to your love and care It's you dragging people into your consciousness The way you mold and make a drama out of people's soul Your sympathy and attention are just a term for fraud Count your blessings... Continue Reading →

Can anyone be so perfect?

Perfection I am was left speechless, so wordless I died to see him He is so perfect. He ruled my thoughts Overtook my mind Controlled my heart with every beat that strikes I kept on denying This cannot be happening I may lose some words for him to describe Perfect is always beautiful, so he... Continue Reading →

Power is within us

God has made us strong enough To feel all the rage and fears Taught us, To live without the people We didn't want to leave Taught them, We were the power they will always need

Just know them

So stupid, caring this is how people are when they have no where to go Waiting for someone to love them back They won't tell, you have to know So silly, childish they are they need you so much don't leave them far So foolish, hilarious they behave just to make you laugh and become... Continue Reading →

A message to my friend

Friendship is not so simple, when I tried to keep you It’s the most vogue category, I have ever knew You just try to be kind, not that you are so Try to become a person, you have far way to go   Call yourself tough, you too had to go rough Being angry may be... Continue Reading →

The changed purpose

Purpose There are no purposes, as well as no idea there are no reason, when I meet new people There are no purposes to care for them so much there are no reasons to keep a hope of care in return There are no purposes to hold on to them There are no reasons to... Continue Reading →

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