Inscrutable I hate myself in public I love you in dreams Your voice screams in my head You are taking over the control I am near to get extinct. Trying to hide me in books Still, I am losing me in you I hate everyone's attention But, I like the way you look. Keep me... Continue Reading →

Crazy for you …

Entertain Fall from ninth cloud So falling down Nothing to save me out I screamed my voice so much loud My hands still dangling in the air I expected you would catch me Still screaming your name Even if I know you won't. Tried so much to shut my mouth Crashed so hard on the... Continue Reading →

Can’t let go

Athletic Key to the wandering me In your hand I give Control my soul as you want I have lost it all. Hold me in your arms While I take my time To come out of the box Designed by your lovely thoughts. Blue or pink, Black and white You gave me colors Now, you... Continue Reading →


Flavorful Fill me in with your words Take me everywhere you go Carry me in your mind always You've ignited the spark I had hidden from long Even I didn't know where it was? Take my hand in yours Look into my eyes Say, "You mean everything you do" This can happen only in my... Continue Reading →

Lost in air!

Casual People surround me Calling my name I upset another friend When I choose to go somewhere else They always want me to be with them I am loved by all Yet, if someone asks What am I writing about? I cannot tell the truth or the reason for my disappointment They should not know... Continue Reading →

Want to be free!

Shimmer I maybe wrong ones But, not always! You may want to keep me trapped To cut my wings so I cannot talk more As per you have decided, like always! You misunderstand me So let me go, Let me be free You can live alone, As you have been alone always! The sparkle that... Continue Reading →

It’s bad, not illegal

Heard Expectation kills, but obsession murders. -Jalapenogirl My best friend had promised me to take me to an art festival.I love arts, artifacts and that place is fabulously famous. I haven't been there before so I was very excited to go. I had early morning lecture and so I woke up early in the morning... Continue Reading →

Rolling stone

Marathon Rolling like a stone I was changed into something I was not You've murdered a part of me I miss The girl who always believed. Believed in you When you changed me into new I felt so refreshed Thought you're the special I have waited so long. The sadness took over When I saw... Continue Reading →

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