Inscrutable I hate myself in public I love you in dreams Your voice screams in my head You are taking over the control I am near to get extinct. Trying to hide me in books Still, I am losing me in you I hate everyone's attention But, I like the way you look. Keep me... Continue Reading →

Can’t let go

Athletic Key to the wandering me In your hand I give Control my soul as you want I have lost it all. Hold me in your arms While I take my time To come out of the box Designed by your lovely thoughts. Blue or pink, Black and white You gave me colors Now, you... Continue Reading →


Passenger Insanity is a hope that drives you crazy It is a love that leaves you hollow It is all the happiness that you need to survive Sometimes it makes you plead and borrow. It is incompleteness that eats you within It is unforgiveness that makes you cry It is the scream that controls your... Continue Reading →

Illusional rain

Illusion   With each drop of water from the sky I waited for this much longer To escape the burning heat of light The light that didn't reflect from me Just like the sorrow that didn't want to leave The crawling drop that falls from my skin Feels like my body is separated from its guilt... Continue Reading →


Commit I want him to be like this I want him to be like that He should be perfect and fair Not a nightmare with a fine accent My demand for my better half He should always make me laugh. I should lose myself in his eyes Feel calm in his arms. The veins of... Continue Reading →

The bell jar

Bottle The reasons for I blamed you I was punched with your guilt That you did nothing I wasn't blaming you for things you didn't do It was all cause I needed your attention Not whole But tiny and small You weren't the same to me I just begged to reverse yourself back To get... Continue Reading →

Find the puncture

Puncture My mind starts with a question The drafts are so awful Maybe I am filled with venture And, I am punctured The wind seems so bored Rain is thirsty Where can I run? To rescue this puncture !!! Wandering inside the forest of veins. My lips smile a lot Eyes don't flatter with them... Continue Reading →

Fitness triumph

Triumph Hello guys, if you haven't read my article named 'Facts about me' then probably you all may not be knowing that I am an enthusiast 'gymnast' and a Yoga practitioner. I have been to gymnastic for 3 years and now I am a Yoga student. You would be happy to know this post is... Continue Reading →

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