A message to my friend

Friendship is not so simple, when I tried to keep you It’s the most vogue category, I have ever knew You just try to be kind, not that you are so Try to become a person, you have far way to go   Call yourself tough, you too had to go rough Being angry may be... Continue Reading →

Being a swag- A phase

Phase There are 'n' number of books which actually tell us to be grateful everyday, to count out blessings, how to actually change ourselves, tips to heal from a bad past and so on and so forth. We read such kinds of books just because we are hurt by our loved ones or they leave... Continue Reading →

I won’t regret

If you wanna love me, love If you wanna hate me, just hate But, if you leave me in the middle of the sea I'll swim to a place Where I won't need you again!!! 


I feel a burden on me. Like I have lost a precious key. Some days I try loving a lot, Some days I just get tired. And stop trying to become the one I am not. Though there's smile on my face. I behave like I am lost in space. There's something killing me within.... Continue Reading →


I am scrolling my life up and down Trying to figure things out I was so stupid to think you would care Our friendship got evaporated into thin air  !!!

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