A message to my friend

Friendship is not so simple, when I tried to keep you It’s the most vogue category, I have ever knew You just try to be kind, not that you are so Try to become a person, you have far way to go   Call yourself tough, you too had to go rough Being angry may be... Continue Reading →

What it was about? Anger?

Angry When we were so close, always hand in hand You were always there, when none could understand We were always incomplete without one another Then why didn't you get? About what I was bothered I was bothered about your changing behavior I was worried, if again I would be left alone You didn't tried to make... Continue Reading →

Save it !

What do you see in my eyes ? Let me be the one to tell you You see my love as fake And me as a drama queen What you don't realise from my voice? That I am acting to be fine. I never blamed you For each and everytime When you take my breath... Continue Reading →

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