Fitness triumph


Hello guys, if you haven’t read my article named ‘Facts about me’ then probably you all may not be knowing that I am an enthusiast ‘gymnast’ and a Yoga practitioner. I have been to gymnastic for 3 years and now I am a Yoga student.
You would be happy to know this post is about revealing my secrets of how I manage to keep up my exercise in my busy life. I wake up at 5 AM and do my exercise, return at 7.15 AM and catch the exact 8 AM train. Sounds hectic! isn’t it ???
Worry no more! Because I am here to give you some tips so that you don’t skip workout !!!
First and foremost, the only thing that matters is how much fit you want to be ???
Does exercise make you happy ???
How do you feel when you skip exercise???
So ask this questions to yourself and see where do you lie in your goal.
If I were to answer these questions then whenever I skip exercise because of any reason, I feel restless all day. It stings in my mind to finish all my work and go to the gym as early as possible. Yes, now you must be thinking I am obsessed !!! And, this is what you really need !!!
1. Obsession- Until and unless you are obsessed to see yourself fit and fine you will never be able to wake up early !!!
2. At what time do you leave for college or work in the morning ??? This main point defines at what time you will do your exercise. If you are lucky enough take time and enjoy doing each and every yoga pose or gym stretch. If you don’t have time then you can do less number of exercise with high counts and do it until you really feel the stretch in your muscles. Don’t let your workout go to waste !!!

whenever I skip exercise because of any reason, I feel restless all day. It stings in my mind to finish all my work and go to the gym as early as possible. Yes, now you must be thinking I am obsessed !!! And, this is what you really need !!!

– Jalapeno Girl

3. This is also the most important thing one has to keep in his/her mind is when you wake up early then eat light breakfast before going to workout otherwise you will feel sleepy and try it as an excuse to skip exercise. (Apple and cornflakes are best)
4. Do not take the longest route to workout if you have some other gym/yoga/Zumba class to go. Try to reach there as early as possible so you can finish it on time and carry your other routine on their suitable time and avoid getting late. Because, if you get late then all the blame comes on your workout time and definitely you will skip it the other day.
5. Never workout in a hurry. Yes, I can understand people are getting late or whatever. But, let your muscles feel the stretch. Don’t stretch it till half extend otherwise it will be of no use.
6. Keep your workout clothes ready at night so you will be able to get it early the other day. Always wear comfortable clothes so you can exercise to the fullest of your energy without getting restraint to clothes matter.

So, guys, this were some tips that will never stop you to workout. And also believe in yourself and keep your diet to simple and light so you can be fit as you have ever imagined.



The ruptured tyres of time
All going back
Reversing my life
That leads to you
Even I don’t know where you are?
The wait for your name to arrive
And, connect with me !!!
Even though, they don’t make any sense
I am trying to find you
Your little hint in my world
Nowhere to see
This is the end
Can never be fixed forever.
I know you’ll keep your mouth shut
Pass by me as a stranger
I will wait to see a reaction on your face
The same ignorance I will do
To depict it was all just a triumph of my fate.




Have you ever realized that whenever you are being good and nice to people around you and they start playing with your tender heart??? If not then see to it they don’t in the future too!!! It may be some kind of a joke and jolly, but there comes a time when they start taking you for granted.
The main reason when your own friends start to take you for granted is of the following reasons:
1. You have never taken a stand for yourself
2. Laughing at all their lame jokes
3.Considering them the important person you cannot spend a day in college
4.You have a mutual friend that you don’t like
5. Accepting all their suggestions even if they are wrong for you
6. You try not to hurt them and so start admitting all their demands even though they are a waste of time
7. You stop thinking about yourself ( we all should be little bit selfish because no one in the world will love you more than you do to yourself)
The main purpose of writing and stating the reasons are so that you never get hurt due to the expectations you keep from them to behave with you same as you do with them.
Friends come and go, if you ever notice that they are demanding a lot from you which you resist to do from the bottom of your heart then just leave and do what you wish. For example, if your friend does not want you to hang out with other people and command you to not go then just leave them alone and go where you wish to go.
Not all people are worth keeping so always keep in your mind all the friends are temporary. I think this will definitely help you to fight the bullies back and so start being selfish.

It’s bad, not illegal


Expectation kills, but obsession murders.


My best friend had promised me to take me to an art festival.I love arts, artifacts and that place is fabulously famous. I haven’t been there before so I was very excited to go. I had early morning lecture and so I woke up early in the morning even before the dawn. Took all my makeup stuff in the bag, my pink dress, notebook etc. I ran directly to my gym. I reached even before it was opened. After my gym session, I changed my clothes and rushed towards the railway station.
Then, as I opened my bag to find something to eat, it occurred to me that I forgot my lunchbox and box of fruits at home in a hurry. I did my makeup on the train, (yes it was awkward, but I had to due to a shortage of time). Ready to fiddle through my day, I met my friend and she said, she can’t come with me because she has to go meet her boyfriend. Even she had just met him a day before, I don’t know what was so urgent.
I didn’t have any problem, of course. But, what hurt me was her priority was him even though I had accompanied her whenever she had asked me to even if I was busy. I mean, this may sound childish to you all, but I am a kind of possessive person, not a crazy. I can understand. Since it was the last day of the festival. She just didn’t care how much I wanted to go to the fest. And, I was so angry and upset. I didn’t wait for a second after the lecture, not even to say her a goodbye. I wasted my whole day thinking the kind of priority she was to me. But, now I can’t be the same person to her. I just cannot get this out of my mind. I don’t care to go to the festival. I only care the way she treated me. She wasn’t even sorry for it. I think, now on she’ll see how cruel I can be when I change my priority.



Give me my nights

When I was sleepless.

Give me my days

When I was helpless.

There you stood watching me

Love and care were not seen till miles.

You always fake a smile

I hate this loveless mercy

To make me realize you’re nice.

Give me my pain

I wasted on you

Give me my cries

which you ignored.

I know your heartbreak in college life

Why are you punishing me?

For the mistake I never did.

Return my poems

I should not have written on you

And see, still I am writing

Something on you.



Rolling stone


Rolling like a stone
I was changed into something I was not
You’ve murdered a part of me I miss
The girl who always believed.
Believed in you
When you changed me into new
I felt so refreshed
Thought you’re the special
I have waited so long.
The sadness took over
When I saw your comment on a post
You had written for some other girl
“I waited for you”
At last but not least
The story has a happy ending
When you tried talking to me
And, I ignored
As you are just a bad memory.


What’s wrong with me?


Cutting the pages to think what I should write?
Why can’t I find a topic?
Even I have so many in my mind
Am beautiful, I feel ugly sometimes
What’s the catch?
I make bad decisions every time
I hate myself for always being kind.
Maybe this is not the way to define beautiful
Oh Gosh! Am already 23!
When I will be peaceful.
I am often abnormal
There is nothing like a beautiful heart
People will judge
No matter the beauty of you inside.
I want to write something loving
God! Spare me struggling
To get my hand and mind in line
Am wasting my time!
Am wasting my life!
Isn’t there anything beautiful about me?
Oh dear!
I have world’s best Mom
I don’t need people who make me feel shady
Those creeps are needless in my life.