The saddest part

When people turn their face away.

And we couldn’t find the way.

When all our efforts goes in vain.

To bring things back again. 

Even if we did nothing wrong,

People will want us to play along.   

When even in spring,

Thunder strikes us.

When even in summer,

Cold surrounds us.

We lose all hopes to be loved back as before.

And, we start living indoor.

No matter how nice we try to be, 

People will make us feel like a black sea. 


Hello there,

So about me, all you need to know is I am an avid writer. All I need is blank pages and I can fill it up with the things which you actually wanna read or will make you read even if you don’t want to read, LOL 😀

I am a chemical engineer by profession. My most favorite hobby is to sing and write poems. I hope you like reading poems, well who doesn’t !!! My most favorite singers are Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande. I just love them a lot and lot.

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My readers are eveything to me. I can’t thank them enough for it ♥