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Orderly-It’s the guilt



You’ll see me here, you’ll see me there

If am not cleared

You’ll realize your guilt everywhere

I will never leave your mind

My memory won’t wash away till your death.

You can’t even run away

If you try to leave me behind

I’ll come another day


There are no doors and windows to close and hide

Nor even a place to leave and run

It’s just a box

Which will hold you tight

Till you suffocate

And scream for a beam of light


It will strangle you with an invisible rope

Cannot be opened by any force

The more you try to untie it

The more it will get tighten

Your mind will be rusted like an Iron barrier


The only way to get out of the box

Is to accept what you did wrong.

To make it right

Give an apology for the things you misplaced

Then It will start to erase

Put their hearts back to the shape

The light will now be visible to see

The sides of the box will fall one by one

That’s how you will be free


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Save it !

What do you see in my eyes ?
Let me be the one to tell you
You see my love as fake
And me as a drama queen
What you don’t realise from my voice?
That I am acting to be fine.
I never blamed you
For each and everytime
When you take my breath away
I realised
It isn’t me
But you are the culprit
For I am so lame

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Be like this epitomes


Love me, love me

Oh you can’t!

You cannot be the way I am

Hate me, hate me

You always have

You can keep grudges and die for that

I am a flame of candle that can dance in the dark

This enlightens the way

Fill the night with the day.

Even though I am dried and pale like autumn leaves

My battles are with the colds and winds

Feels so weary and drops down on the street.

I am like a sun that shines through the morning

Hides away in the night to get back in the fight next day

To be like an energy without which world will stop to exist

An ice cream scoop that no one can ever resist.

I’ll pray, pray

For you to be happy

Hope further in life you be fair and true

God bless you!




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That’s all forks !


If you can’t keep everyone happy. Never mind. Try to keep yourself cheered up. Give yourself a gift since you care for others so much. Do things that you love. Because at the end of the day when you go to sleep, all that matters is how much you are satisfied with yourself.

Rather than worrying about keeping people in your life. Keeping them happy by sacrificing your self-respect. No matter how much good friends you have. You cannot guess by whom you’ll get stabbed. Because, your folks may become forks at any time.

This world is becoming more self-centered, obsessed, crazy, egotistical. Between these terms, we people usually lose the war. So it’s better to love ourselves more than sharing it with people who don’t deserve it. Try to understand the person and soul that may be not unhealthy for you. If they are danger for your happiness then move them away. Because we deserve to be blithe all the time.

Lisa was struggling to keep her friend in her contact. She didn’t wanted Matt to forget her and to avoid not talking with each other for months. Many times, she has kept her self-respect aside and texted him. Just for a chat. But, he wasn’t interested in texting her back. Things weren’t like before. Lisa just wouldn’t let him go. She just wanted him to text her in one or two days. One day while talking to him. He said out of nowhere to Lisa to stop talking to him. It wasn’t necessary. But, what was the problem in chatting within some days? Can’t people get obsessed with their friends and ask to give them some time ? If Matt would talk to Lisa whenever she desired then this obsession would have ended on nice terms. But, the sudden rejection landed Lisa in more stress. That time she realized we deserve our love more than anyone else. Now, both of them don’t talk anymore. Because, Lisa was tired of holding on to Matt for her happiness. This is the story about getting obsessed with others. It can be a sharp fork for us and nothing else. 

Be happy 🙂

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This will happen countless times


Parts of you get shattered here and there

When it gets difficult to raise and bear

who would notice you

The pain from you’re going through.


It’s like a surprise

We may get at any time of year.


But, be like countless stars in the sky

That shine  and smile

Even in the darkest hour

Without any fear


It has to be you, and only you

to merge stronger than ever before

No matter how many strikes you go through

Be prepared for future,

there are still more storms that will come to you



There will be countless times

you may have to prove to this world

you are the best, you are the best!!!



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We are stronger than we know

Clear your heart
Clear your mind
Slow it down from throbbing fast
Prevent yourself
From cutting the veins with knife
You’ll get to know
How strong you actually are !
You just have to Clear the past
And, leave behind
There will be a day
When you will realize
It wasn’t worth it
It wasn’t worth a decision
To make for your life.

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Being a swag- A phase


There are ‘n’ number of books which actually tell us to be grateful everyday, to count out blessings, how to actually change ourselves, tips to heal from a bad past and so on and so forth. We read such kinds of books just because we are hurt by our loved ones or they leave us alone. The most important of all is we jot things down on a book so that we follow them dutifully with a lot of dedication. The minute we see our betrayer, we just freak out and forget all the rules and regulations that we just made to overcome them. Because there is a part in us which keeps on screaming inside us to be nice and humble no matter what it takes. That’s where we become weak and we give in, fail to ignore them. This is the main problem with ‘good people’. Yes, good people. I am not trying to discriminate between anyone or pointing others as bad ones. But, some people just move on like they don’t care. This is because they didn’t loved their betrayer to the deepest, which helps them to change spontaneously. But, people like me who just keep being polite no matter what others tell me on my face or back bitches to me find hard to move on.

Yes, this is from my personal experience. I am very friendly, but it’s not like I cry over loss of each and every friend in my life. I just get close to some of them and most obvious thing which we all do, we expect, I also expect from them. Which is actually a basic human nature. What we get is they take us for granted, which is actually a basic human nature again.

So the main point of this article is expect or take people granted, get hurt or hurt others. whatsoever things cannot be controlled. But, we can control ourselves and the way we respond to them. Which can be done by being cool and swag !!! We need to change our perspective. This can be done by being swag, seriously and this is gonna work. From the beginning, if we are good in a relationship and on the other side we care more for ourselves and be a spoiler too. It’s like keeping ourselves prepared for the future. It may indirectly mean to become selfish, and that’s the point I am trying to clear ‘Love to be selfish’. Then, no matter how bad  the relationship ends and you both get too emotional, you will remember being a spoiler. It’s like not giving a heck about anything, just because you were prepared for it. This is a lot more easier than reading many books of getting healed and finding ourselves.


How many times are you gonna find yourselves for many of the heart breaks that has happened or will happen in the future? If we get a little bit of spoiler and selfish, then at least we will not get hurt mentally. Being a swag is like not giving a heck to the people who mentally strain us intentionally, provided that we understand it. Call yourselves confidently, that I am a vicious woman or names that we woman got from our society. To scare people away and not to hurt us in any way. Because, we know what we want and let’s swag together 😀