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I won’t regret

If you wanna love me, love

If you wanna hate me, just hate

But, if you leave me in the middle of the sea

I’ll swim to a place

Where I won’t need you again!!! 2016-03-19_56ed24fc7eaae_tumblr_nfg6ejr9ib1tox2ino1_500



Hello there,

So about me, all you need to know is I am an avid writer. All I need is blank pages and I can fill it up with the things which you actually wanna read or will make you read even if you don’t want to read, LOL 😀

I am a chemical engineer by profession. My most favorite hobby is to sing and write poems. I hope you like reading poems, well who doesn’t !!! My most favorite singers are Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande. I just love them a lot and lot.

You can know more about me on

My readers are eveything to me. I can’t thank them enough for it ♥