In case you are sad about someone!

It is better to love the wrong person than not to love at all. - Jalapenogirl

Being human!

The tragedy of a human mind is that we cannot write inspirational when we are not inspired. Then, how can we write about love, even when we are not loved?-jalapenogirl


Inscrutable I hate myself in public I love you in dreams Your voice screams in my head You are taking over the control I am near to get extinct. Trying to hide me in books Still, I am losing me in you I hate everyone's attention But, I like the way you look. Keep me... Continue Reading →

A part of my dream

I always fumble couldn't help, mumble in my dreams I stay up all night or wake up violently I want to grab my phone and call you to talk for hours and hours till my soul is satisfied to the deep now it can be done only when I am asleep I die every night... Continue Reading →


I feel a burden on me. Like I have lost a precious key. Some days I try loving a lot, Some days I just get tired. And stop trying to become the one I am not. Though there's smile on my face. I behave like I am lost in space. There's something killing me within.... Continue Reading →

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