♕ I love, love and love…because I believe in being a good person is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
͠~ ͠~ ͠~ ͠~ ͠~ ͠~ ͠~
►Rakhi Vishwakarma
► Sassy
►Introvert sometimes
►Socially awkward
►Love me and I’ll cross the sea for you, hate me, well that’s your’s problem. Not mine !!!
► Animal lover and green activist
►My Favorite color is green
►I am a Chemical Engineer.
►Love to write, read and sing.
►I also like to travel and to go on the trek !
►The Script ♦ Imagine dragon ♦ One Republic ♦ Maroon 5 are my favorite music bands.
►My favourite singers are Ed Sheeran ♫ Nick Jonas ♫ Bon Jovi ♫ Harry Styles♫ Taylor swift ♫ Ariana grande ♫ Iggy azalea ♫ Pitbull ♫ Sam smith ♫ Charlie XCX ♫ Weeknd ♫ Mike Posner ♫►

► This site is about imperfect poems, book reviews and playful words

► For book reviews email me at rakhi.chem.engg@live.com

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