Emma by Jane Austen

“I may have lost my heart, but not my self-control”

-Emma, Jane Austen

About the book:

Emma Woodhouse is introduced to us as ‘handsome, clever and rich’ and, according to Jane Austen, a heroine ‘which no one but myself would like’. Yet such is Emma’s spirited wit that, despite her superior airs and egotism, few readers have failed to succumb to her charm.

The comedy turns on Emma’s self-appointed role as an energetic match-maker for her sweet, silly friend Harriet. Emma herself, meanwhile, is confidently immune to the charms of the male sex. Her emotional coming of age is woven into what Ronald Blythe has called ‘the happiest of love stories, the most fiendishly difficult of detective stories and a matchless repository of English wit’.



Emma who has fixed her decision for not ever getting into a relationship is a match-maker and does a terrible job of uniting couples who weren’t really meant for each other. Thanks to Mr.Knightley for advising her. I think the story should actually revolve around Harriet who gets into trouble all the time. Also, I found Emma to be very selfish. She overruled Harriet into not marrying Mr. Martin rather than making her realize she had something for him too. I didn’t find Emma witty at all. In fact, she is the villain of the story for trying to manipulate who should pair with who according to her. The story would have been wonderful if it was from Harriet’s point of view!
The description of ball parties covered half of the book and was a bit enjoyable. Conversation over something unimportant gave the story a slow pace in between when the reader is actually looking for some answers!
Book review – ⭐⭐⭐/5


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