Lost in air!


People surround me
Calling my name
I upset another friend
When I choose to go somewhere else
They always want me to be with them
I am loved by all
Yet, if someone asks
What am I writing about?
I cannot tell the truth
or the reason for my disappointment
They should not know the real me!!!
The real me is broken
I don’t actually know what I really want
My anger takes over my mind
This gives me something to write!!!
Sometimes I am cool, as perfect
Other times I am upset, as destroyed
The influential life has turned me upside down
I am trying to get everything right
by being casual all the time !!!


Author: jalapenogirl

I am a Chemical engineer and a Green technologist by profession. I love to play with words and my experiences on my blog. Books and wine are my addiction. Saving animals is my life's mission. Chemical research is my passion.

4 thoughts on “Lost in air!”

  1. lol Precious one! You are just as beautiful as they come! Quit trying! Start trusting! If You do not know what I mean? Go out there in the open and yell, “WHAT IS THIS WOMAN TALKING ABOUT? Bet you’ll get an answer. I enjoy your honesty. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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      1. yesterday caused me much grief reading things not so to my taste, but! When I read something so beautiful as your soul, I cheer up. Father is so good. He always sends the angels to comfort me. 🙂

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