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Closet of lies

“When someone follows the chain of Precedence, we should follow the path of ignorance”
-Samruddhi Chandak, Closet of lies.

About the book:

Bogged down by the pressures of daily hospital routine, 28-year-old cancer patient Riddhi’s life suddenly picks up the pace when she starts receiving mysterious letters from an anonymous sender, who means bloody business. Riddhi finds herself in the fast lane when a renowned top cop is found murdered as mentioned in one of the letters. It is only when CBI officer Kabir Rana gets involved in solving the case, does he realize there is more to Riddhi than meets the eye. When Kabir starts decoding secret clues that would lead him to the murderer, what he comes across shakes him to the core.



Oh, my-my!!!
I really must say this reminded me of an Indian CID series use to be on the television. The way we use to just keep on repeating one episode after the other, to find the murderer and not to move from our sofa, without blinking an eye, having our snacks and, looking at the gestures made by ACP Pradyumann!!! Indians will well relate to what I am trying to code here!!!
This book is just like that.
Raving you the characters and leaving you with the idea of what could be the possible next move and what could be not.
A very fast read and a short story. Good for mystery lovers.
The intriguing part of the book was the idea of letters. Really, the Author knows how to make the readers hooked to the story. The title mainly depicts the life of the characters were all made of lies, so the title of the book justifies the story well. Characters go up fast living their lives one after the other day! Mainly, the clues. I appreciate the efforts Author has taken to make up the clues in the letters. Really thoughtful!!!
The combination of science and doctor left me impressed. Me, being from the Chemical field, loved it. I will obviously not reveal them here 😀
And, the Breaking Bad connection to make up the clues, Very cool!!!
I must say the book is very well-written with easy narration. The only thing I missed was the description. When we go towards the Idea of reading the book, we want to live those characters to some extent which is usually done by the description of the characters and environment created.
Like, I want to know more how Riddhi looked! Is Kabir Rana handsome! has a nice officer build-up! How big was the house of Riddhi! What was the paint of the walls of her room! What was her past! Did Riddhi and Raghav had some more history where one of them was left heart-broken! Eventually, the case was going to die, how did he predict that Kabir will go after the clues he had planted just to expose himself. I also missed a glimpse of the murderer which would have been an epilogue of the book.
I would like to recommend this book to all. Even if you are not into reading, I bet this book will stand an exception on your bookshelf.
Book review- 5/5

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Wuthering Heights

“People feel with their hearts, Ellen: since he has destroyed mine, I have not power to feel for him…”

-Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

About the book:

I am really going through ” Mixed feelings” about this book. This book needs no introduction but for those who don’t know.


-This is the only book written by Emily Bronte.

-It was published under her pen name Ellis Bell in December 1847. Before this book, Emily has also written 200 poems.

-The Bronte Society, founded in 1893, is a charitable institution that runs the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth. The sisters manucripts, letters, and personal belongings are housed here.

-Emily Bronte died of tuberculosis a year after Wuthering Heights publication, on December 19, 1848, at the age of 30.

-Critics response to the book was extremely negative, too savage, animal-like, and  clumsy in construction.

-When Mr. Earnshaw returns from a trip to Liverpool with young Heathcliff in tow, the lives of the Earnshaws are forever changed. Young Hindley Earnshaw detests Heathcliff, while his sister, Catherine, adores him. Thus begins a decades-long story of love and revenge that inextricably binds two generations of families- the Earnshaws and the Lintons – in what is considered to be one of the greatest novels of all time.


My Review:

I really had changes in emotions while reading this book. It will give you the right path of life. This is why Classic literature is just Gold. They give you a sense of the way things are. Critics may have called it savage and brutal. But this is the way humans cruelty has been extended in present world. I think Emily had just predicted it back then in 1847. I would really like to recommend this book who are romance lover, quote people, and classic book people. My favorite Character in the book is obviously Mrs. Dean who is the narrator of the story and plays a supportive role for every incident. Mr. Edgar Linton who plays a responsible father and a husband saving his wife from Heathcliff’s negativity. Some also find Heathcliff as an ultimate romancer and a hero. While Someway or the other, Heathcliff was a Hero of his own life trying to make a balance of both the sides, eventually Hindley was too wrong with him. I think we should have an ultimate reason to hate a person. To keep hatred in our mind just provokes opposite person also to become intolerable and act against it. Even if we cannot help hating a person then at least we can just let them pass by our side as the wind blows right on your face and you let it go. This is all I have learned from Wuthering Heights. It is a great book for book clubs, discussions and a lot more to learn from it. Just live with your eyes and heart open for everything that comes in between.

Rating: 5/5 Star!!!

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The invisible investigation

“Insanity has no limits”
-The invisible investigation, Lionel Touzellier

About the book:

All the details concerning official investigations into the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and all details concerning his alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald are taken from official documents.
The scientific data given here is based on actual research.
All descriptions of monuments, public places, and organizations are based on real life.


My review:

I have watched the JFK assassination video on Youtube and it is considered to be the most horrific video in the history caught on camera.
I really enjoyed this non-fiction crime thriller and all the historic details of American history. The assassination made the biggest change in America’s future just because of a person who was mentally unstable and trying to relate himself to history.
The story of collecting the proof and keeping it secret investigation makes the situation difficult for Dr. Wang and Dr. Mandley. The author takes us to an adventure of the probability of many organizations to be involved in the murder and to deteriorate the proof which would prove who was the main conspirator for it. The story starts when Dr. Mandley finds a DNA of unknown person on the gun and it gets stolen. Even the computer gets stolen and in which investigation data was stored.
Was Oswald working for someone? How could Dr. Wang prove the unknown DNA found on the gun which was used to assassinate Kennedy belongs to the main criminal who has set things up?
The story revolves around the emotional and technical aspects of two researchers trying to find the truth assigned to them by the American government. Another main character Roy Harrison tries to play with the clues and confuses the Russian investigators for determining the real killer so that they couldn’t use it against the country again.
I highly recommend this book to all history lovers out there!
The simple language and historic details will hook you up with the book.

Book reviews: 5/5

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Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini

“All I can do is Pray, Inshallan”

-Sea Prayer, Khaled Hosseini

About the book:

Sea Prayer was inspired by the story of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian refugee who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach safety in Europe in September 2015.
In the year after Alan Kurdi’s death, 4,176 others died or went missing attempting similar journeys.
This book is dedicated to the thousands of refugees who have perished at sea fleeing war and persecution.


My Review:

No doubt, this book is based on a tragedy which this whole world cannot deny being a brutal and unthinkable situation. The worse scenario in the entire history which is unforgettable. A minute of silence for those people who could have made it through but couldn’t. The people who could have a great life but were taken all there rights away. This is why I wanted to read more about their story. The fact is a non-fiction lover as I am, I expected Hosseini to shatter me to pieces.
This book is a short graphic novel which depicts the importance of life which was before ISIS took over and the situation which they went through. The war made the place unlivable.
I really liked the graphics of the book. It can fill you in with the worse war scenario after the peaceful life which they use to have.
The only drawback I found is that author could have written more. Otherwise, this book is a star!
Rating- 3/5 Stars!




Words have extinct
love has unfollowed
pollution has taken growth
But, you don’t seem to change!
Faces are different
Flowers have died
The lightning always strike
At any day, any time
But, you don’t seem to change!
Numbers have become large
with the counting distance
that you are far
Roads are now twisty
Enemies are more
People change! You changed!
Why can’t you change again?
back to before!




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Get over it tips!

“If you don’t love me

Someone else will surely do”

– Jalapenogirl

Eventually, we all don’t get to be with the person we always wanted to be with.

From any circumstances we get seperated, broken up or worse which lead to a depressing phase of our lives and in the want of that chasing feeling, to get back everything like it was before and crying a lot, we forget we deserved better than we are being treated as!

People who leave without having second thoughts just don’t deserve you. In fact, I myself walked away from my best friend over fighting many issues and that made me feel like if things are not working between us I cannot continue anymore! It was so strong feeling in myself that I forgot the happy times I had spent with them and just left for the sake of my mental peace! Things will never be like before when we come across each other. But at present, I did what was good for both the sides.

So later that month, I was left by my close one! I tried every up and down to make things like before but it won’t get any better! Then I thought I should actually respect that person’s decision and accept my journey is over with him. It’s time for me to let new things come into my life pack up the old ones in my baggage! Yes, I don’t mind saying it is a baggage on me. I am still carrying.

Some tips for you to get over someone: 

1] Try reading:

Reading will take you places where you will want to go when you want to run away from your feelings for someone. It will be hard to concentrate at first but with time you will love it.

2] Write what you feel:

Whenever you miss that person, you should write your feelings down in the form of essays or poems whichever you want and keep that only to yourself. Because when you will miss that person you would want to talk to them so badly which will lead you to call or message them. That is the sign of weakness.

3] Go to a counselor:

There are cases when you actually know whats right and wrong. But you cannot control your mind to stand to it. Meet a counselor. Because when you hear the same right steps to be taken from someone else it will encourage your mind like ‘Oh, yeah! I already knew this. Then if others also think the same I should try my best executing them’

4] Drink strong coffee whenever you feel restless missing someone:

Yes, caffeine can control your mind when you are tired of controlling it. It will stimulate a energy within you and get you back in your senses.

5] Go out, shop as harder as you can:

Shopping will make you realize even harder that you are really ready for accepting new things in life.

6] Workout:

The most important of all is Workout! Yes! You have to take out all your stress and anxiety over someone by working out. A gym would be the best because concentrating is required in Yoga and it will be difficult at the start and you will back off. So gym harder and make yourself more confident for going out.

7] Eat Healthy:

Many times people start having big junks of pizzas and burger when they are not feeling quite good about any relationship which gives them stress. This approach is totally wrong! The more you eat healthy food (Whatever comes apart from junk food) will make you think clearer for the future!

But I know one thing. This world is very big and you should always be ready to accept new things coming in your way rather than holding on to the old ones! Even we all should be glad that new roads have been paved automatically and you can do whatever the hell you want!

And, one day you will realize that wound has disappeared. There will be a mark, obviously! But, you know what actually you learned and handle your future without hesitation!




Book Reviews

Emma by Jane Austen

“I may have lost my heart, but not my self-control”

-Emma, Jane Austen

About the book:

Emma Woodhouse is introduced to us as ‘handsome, clever and rich’ and, according to Jane Austen, a heroine ‘which no one but myself would like’. Yet such is Emma’s spirited wit that, despite her superior airs and egotism, few readers have failed to succumb to her charm.

The comedy turns on Emma’s self-appointed role as an energetic match-maker for her sweet, silly friend Harriet. Emma herself, meanwhile, is confidently immune to the charms of the male sex. Her emotional coming of age is woven into what Ronald Blythe has called ‘the happiest of love stories, the most fiendishly difficult of detective stories and a matchless repository of English wit’.



Emma who has fixed her decision for not ever getting into a relationship is a match-maker and does a terrible job of uniting couples who weren’t really meant for each other. Thanks to Mr.Knightley for advising her. I think the story should actually revolve around Harriet who gets into trouble all the time. Also, I found Emma to be very selfish. She overruled Harriet into not marrying Mr. Martin rather than making her realize she had something for him too. I didn’t find Emma witty at all. In fact, she is the villain of the story for trying to manipulate who should pair with who according to her. The story would have been wonderful if it was from Harriet’s point of view!
The description of ball parties covered half of the book and was a bit enjoyable. Conversation over something unimportant gave the story a slow pace in between when the reader is actually looking for some answers!
Book review – ⭐⭐⭐/5